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11-20-14, 06:07 PM
My daughter was JUST diagnosed with ADHD....and I am starting to think that was the easy part...She is 10, and until this year...She made A-B's in school and even though she is "hyper" everything was going fine...Then school started and everything changed...we had 3-4 hours of homework a night, her grades have dropped and when I asked "what did the teacher say to do" or "Did you ask the teacher for help" the reply was always "I was told to sit down and figure it out"...Fast forward until 2 weeks ago and I finally had a teachers/principle/mommy meeting and they ALL wanted her tested for ADHD...I agreed but I must say I am VERY worried about the meds making her walk around in a fog....and we set it up where I get daily behavior reports and a list of things she did that day/turned in as work. As of today...I am still doing 3/4 hours of homework and yes they put her on meds....NOW here is where I'm frustrated....The teacher still doesn't help with my daughter in class...I get blank pages of classwork that my daughter hasn't TOUCHED in school and I'm trying to "teach" her at home...and today when I inquired about why I'm still getting the same answers from my daughter on "how the teacher explained things" I was told to give the drugs a chance...She will come around and focus when the meds get into her system...I feel like I'm alone in this...I'm not getting any help from the school and its all on my daughters shoulders to "help herself " and "wait on the drugs".... I know she needs to help herself...I know the drugs will help.....But I cant quit my job and stand over my daughter at school and I cant seem to get the teacher to understand this is more than "letting the Drugs work"...HELP!:mad:

11-20-14, 07:39 PM
Hi :) Can I ask who did the testing? and do you think that your daughter has any 'difficulties'? I don't know where you are from - but, it really sounds like the school is not catering to support your daughter and there is a myriad of support systems in different schools.