View Full Version : More than I am

11-21-14, 05:01 AM
Staring at my hands because theyre all that ive got
I still have two feet for stumps but they dont listen to my thoughts
My mind is an empty jar filled with sand
Im more artificial than man
my feet touch the ground hoping one day they will stand
I am not a human but I know that I am more than I am
I was given a head that sewed for itself a pair of hands.
But I haven't found a purpose for them other than to feed my vanity
one day however, I know my hands will come alive because I know im more than I am
If only I could show them I can be a person
Perhaps then I could walk if I could just stand
perhaps then I could dream and see more than just what I am
maybe then ill be more to them and they will embrace me as I am
Or will they see only the mark of my maker?
Could I take credit then for what I am
perhaps then the only thing I can say I am are these two hands
Because together, they are more than all that I am