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11-21-14, 08:51 AM
Hi people,

I have a question related to exersize recovery. I am diagnosed with ADD a few years ago(23 years old). I like to excersize a lot(kickboxing,strength training). Does anyone know if there are any information about recovery & ADD/ADHD? To me it seems that recovery time is slower compared to other people. Especialy by reduced quality of sleep wich i think delays the recovery. Sleeping in the afternoon is not a good option i think because of the need of biological night/day rythm when you have ADD/ADHD. I try to eat as good as i can. Enough protein, good fats, vegetables, fruits and enough carbs and almost no sugar. I tried medication but this is no option for me. I like to keep my creativity wich i need for sport and conversations. I would like to know if any of you have thesame problem. Now training 3 times a week(only kickboxing). I'd like to incorporate the strength training but i feel to tired for this. Planning to do neurofeedback in the future, it sounds promesing.(better sleep,concentration, more relaxt-->better recovery--> more possibilities) Anyone have information about this problem or tips? Thanks in advance!

11-23-14, 03:01 AM
Are you talking about physical recovery from injuries?

While I do believe that lack of sleep can decrease the body's ability to heal itself I also tend to think as an ADDer that lack of focus may prevent me from realizing how sever an injury / illness is until it is really bad -

It took me most of my adult life to finally realize that if I knew a body part existed there was probably some thing really wrong with it!

11-23-14, 03:31 AM
You may well be right about reasons for slower recovery time, I don't know.

The main point is, whatever your true recovery time is, whatever your tiredness level, don't fight against that. Work with what you've got, not against it.

11-23-14, 07:28 AM
I train Taekwondo and occasional Mma cant say I've noticed that but I'm more prone to injury that's for sure