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11-22-14, 07:03 AM
Dexedrine works perfectly for cleaning the kitchen or for serving customers and stocking shelves. But it has been less than perfect for me with academic writing. Ive been struggling with time management throughout my degree taking this med. I have issues with perseverance (getting stuck on unimportant aspects of a project) and a reduction in peripheral vision (in the sense of being able to see the bigger picture and synthesize ideas). Also when under pressure with looming deadlines at uni the dexedrine seams to stimulate me too much and I get "task anxiety" and this makes me procrastinate and avoid tasks really badly. Its a downward spiral. Writers block and escapism.

I want to ask everyone who has done a degree or post grad studies which involves lots of reading and theoretical writing.
Which med has worked best for your ability to think and write?

my doc has suggested adding in an SSRI like lexapro or something to my dexedrine.

However, I would rather try wellbutrin, strattera, reboxetine. But i am in Australia and these meds are hard to get here.
We aussies dont have as many wonderful options but we are getting there slowly.

11-22-14, 08:13 AM
That's a good question

12-04-14, 06:13 AM
Nobody responded!!

12-04-14, 06:43 AM
In my opinion, one possibility (not a real solution but a useful stopgap at least) is to decrease your dosage during high-stress times. It can happen that the medication's diminished effectiveness is more than offset by the reduction in perseveration and anxiety.

12-04-14, 07:12 AM
That is exactly what I thought too, for a long time I reduced my dosage thinking that it was helping my anxiety. But then one day I was desperate to finish an assignment and so i increased my dosage back to what it was and felt that I was much more productive... Although I felt an increase in physical anxiety, my mind was calmed by the fact that I was actually being somewhat productive.. The problem remains though, that this medication is somehow hindering my ability to see the bigger picture. I need to swap meds thats why I would love to hear some reports from people who have tried different meds whilst in the context of academic studying.

Little Missy
12-04-14, 07:24 AM
I'm just throwing this out there and it is only based on a personal experience. When I was in college I was on Dex and Klon and I wrote my blooming guts out on it. It was like a door opened in my brain and the most amazing things kept pouring out of me pounding away on a keyboard. Even now when I go back and read my papers I wonder who wrote them and just how did I ever know all of that stuff?

But that was then and this is now.

12-04-14, 08:28 AM
Little Missy. That is very interesting. I happen to have a bottle of Klon sitting in the cupboard at home. I have been using it to get to sleep at night after being on dex during the day... and only for a few days out of each month (I have hormonal insomnia)....

So you are saying that you had good results from taking Klon and Dex together.
I remember I once took some Xanax together with dex and felt very clear headed, more so than on dex by itself. But i never thought about doing it longterm....

I mean, i have heard that with benzos you develop a tolerance so that you dont get the same effects unless you keep upping the dose. And then you get to a point where you feel horrible anxiety if you dont take them.

I guess i want to ask you how long you took this combo for?
at what dosage?
Did you take klon and Dex at the same time?
Did you find the effects of this combo sustainable throughout your college experience or did you find you needed to take breaks to reduce tolerance or to keep upping the klon?

I will try this tomorrow and report back. :)

12-04-14, 08:36 AM
Adderall xr is working for me...

12-04-14, 10:28 AM
there is no medication specifically tailored to help with any one specific task, nor are they supposed to help you be able to accomplish any specific task... my glasses don't help me clean the house any better, yet I wear them so I can see like "normal" people.

If your meds aren't working like you want them too, talk to your doctor, but don't start adding things that haven't been prescribed together.

12-04-14, 10:42 AM
OK I see what your saying... However, people do get different pairs of glasses for reading than they do for driving.

I know that with mental illness there is no way to tailor your medication so that it 100% fits your situation. But as my P.doc said the combination of meds you will need to take will vary across the life cycle depending on what life is demanding of you at the time.

i.e. i certainly dont see myself taking as many meds once i retire but i certainly feel like i need them now to cope with the stress of being at college.

The reason I like to talk to people and get some insight into their experiences is because there are many useful medications out there. But my p.doc only sees me for 15 minutes and charges me $200. I like to come prepared having done some research into medications and armed with a list of ideas for things we could try.
Otherwise he will just give me whatever run of the mill solution is easiest for him. i.e. change from dex to ritalin or something like that.

The klon is prescribed to me for anxiety related sleep issues.
I will talk to my psych about taking it during the day to relieve anxiety related writers block.

12-04-14, 11:19 AM
in aus your only options i believe are dex or methylphenidate. i dont know if you guys have strattera or not

12-04-14, 11:25 AM
We have it, but legally it cant be prescribed together with dexamphetamine.
its only supposed to be a last resort for when stims dont work and you can only get it if you were diagnosed with ADHD as a child.
We can get reboxetine though which is supposed to be similar. I plan to ask for this at my next appointment. I would really like to try wellbutrin but its hard to get "offlabel" things for ADHD and that one is only prescribed for smoking cessation.
There are so many things I have read about on these boards that I would like to try for my ADHD but unfortunately Australia seems to be lagging with it.

12-04-14, 01:08 PM
Are you sure the issue is with your meds? Increased anxiety might be but the others could be more a case of having to learn how to work with the meds.

I found that Ritalin gave me more energy and drive to do get up and physically do things like cleaning, which dex doesn't do for me. It does seem to improve my focus and clarity of thoughts though. They do affect everyone differently but I doubt that meds on their own (i.e. without using other behavioural tools and techniques) directly help with things like time management, procrastination, etc.

It took me quite a while to figure that out. If I'm not careful I can spend hours doing absolute rubbish and it's worse on meds. They do improve my focus but if I don't manage to to start working on the required task then my brain will happily focus on rubbish.

12-04-14, 01:11 PM
Have you tried Adderall? I found it calming and very motivating. Dexedrine helps me focus but it doesn't make me calm and it isn't nearly as motivating as Adderall or Ritalin.