View Full Version : My homage to the great vitamin c debate

11-23-14, 01:32 PM
I must have researched this topic at least 5 times at different points in the last few years and have ended up rereading a lot of the same stuff. My research methods are in no way scientific so I can't give any concrete answers. All I can offer is my opinion which is based primarily on posts from people that sound like they know what they are talking about and my own personal experimentation. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there for anyone else who is looking into this and possibly even getting some new info myself.

First of all I think the claim that absorption of the meds is hindered by having an acidic stomach is false. The reason for this is simply because basic biology tells me that the stomach is always very acidic, with a PH of 1-2, because of the hydrochloric acid present. A glass of OJ will have a PH higher than this so will not acidify the stomach.

Another explanation is that the PH of the small intestines is what matters because the PH here is naturally Alkali (around 8 or something I read). So, if you consume something acid with your meds, it will travel along the small intestine with your meds and result in less being absorbed because an acid environment results in less absorption. The reason I don't believe this explanation is because stomach acid will also move from the gut into the small intestine as you digest the meds + whatever else you ate. So, the area where your meds are introduced into the SI will always be acidic. I read somewhere that your body counteracts this by producing something which raises the PH of your SI to balance the stomach acid. This should also raise the PH of any OJ or whatever you ingested to a suitable level.

I think its true, however, that having an acidic urine will cause much of the amphetamine in the blood to be excreted. This fact is pretty much undisputed. However, I think it's actually quite difficult to change the PH of your urine so drastically, and many foods that are acidic in PH (eg. oranges) actually end up alkaline once they have been digested so wont lower urine PH. There are some exceptions to this such as pure cranberry juice which produces an acid urine. I dont know why cranberries lower blood/urine PH and why oranges increase it but there must be a difference somewhere. I can attest to cranberry juice flushing meds out my system to help me sleep, but not the shop bought stuff because thats like 15% cranberry juice with added ingredients.

I do acknowledge the fact that certain foods, including OJ, cause a diminished effect from the meds. The only explanation I see is that it is some sort of chemical reaction caused by vitamin c (ascorbic acid) and perhaps other fruit acids like citric acid, etc. I don't have any explanation of the nature of this reaction.

In conclusion, I think avoiding foods high in vitamin C and citric acid is the best option while taking meds, but eating them at the end of the day would be fine. I know that many healthy foods contain vitamin C so I would not recommend cutting out all foods with vitamin c just ones with a very high concentration like lemons, oranges, limes, etc...basically all fruit and perhaps tomatoes and just consume them at the end of the day. That will be my course of action anyway. For extra measure I will eat 1 hr after and 2 hrs before my dosing.

By all means, read into this further and give me any feedback. Most of this was just guesswork and intuition so I might be wrong.