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11-23-14, 03:25 PM
Genetics, Genomics

Next Generation Sequencing - sci-fi levels of data generation.

And yet nothing new has been found.

When are people going to realise that there's nothing innately wrong with people (common disorder) ... ... and that disease is entirely environmental in nature - caused (the root aetiology) by the love/desire of money and the requirement for money.

The love/desire of money addicts people (no capacity for free thought) in whatever they do for money.
But even if you lose the addiction.
You can't live (in this current world) without money.

It's a bit like a recovering heroin addict being forced to take heroin 3 times a day.


The entire field of common disorder genetics, molecular genetics, genomics has gone nowhere.

Disease is environmental in nature - and we're simply dodging the problem by choosing to generate more data - in the disbelief that 'the sun'll come out tomorrow' but it won't - more data more confusion - we're not burrowing out of jail but deeper down into the ground - further from freedom.

11-23-14, 03:53 PM
Problem is that when you've trained a legion of people in molecular genetics - there's a legion of orcs who'll force molecular genetics / omics into the medical research arena to preserve their own speciality, reputation and salary.

Somebody needs to crash money so that people can be given the eyes to see that the entire basis to human suffering is human hierarchy which is kept in place through simply - the combined effects of money (necessitates increasing inequality) and law (enforces increasing inequality).

To be human is to embrace equality.

11-23-14, 04:35 PM
You don't need anything other than a fair society - there's nothing 'bad' to be found in the genome of people who are poor or suffering from disease - people are simply being broken by the distress of living in an unequal society.

The more stress - the more people break.

How people break is immaterial.

Remove the inequality - remove the chronic stress - alleviate disease.

Science has become populated by 'big data' junkies that simply destroy the opposition by being the only ones with the money to run these new setups.

It's always the same old story.

Corner the market in some specialism.
Force other people (eg cigarette companies and addiction) to need your specialization.
'Kerching' ... ... watch the money roll in - as all people are required to use your facility.

But in truth you're doing nothing of any consequence.

The cigarette company and the big genomics organization are both responsible for cancer; the genomics corporation through preventing prevention - through holding out the promise that genomics will offer cure ... ... and forever we shall wait.

There's only prevention through introduction of a fair society.

The basis to human idiocy is the love/desire of money - expressed through waving the flag of your speciality for money,power,fame ... ... even when it's obvious to anybody with 2 brain cells - that what you're doing is leading NOWHERE.

11-23-14, 05:29 PM

There’s a desperate sense to the genetic studies I’ve seen. The problem is that the statistical view has a compelling nature, and the dangers aren’t obvious. But the result is bad science, in my not so humble opinion.

10 years ago we could tell that genetics/genomics was leading nowhere - but there is no mechanism for people who're invested in this system to put their hands up and admit they were wrong.

So - onwards and into ever increasing confusion we trudge.

What use is a geneticist in the real world.

No use.

11-23-14, 05:37 PM
You don't just collect data because you can.

If people like music you can make a Youtube with loads on.
If people like games you can make an Onlive with loads on.

But if you can sequence genomes really easily - don't just do it because you can.

What a huge waste of time.