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Dexie Queen
11-23-14, 06:31 PM
I take 45 mg of Dexedrine (30 mg in the morning, 15 mg around lunchtime). Pleasing side effects to me have been appetite suppression and weight loss. In the past 2 weeks I've lost about 13lbs and my doctor is very worried about this, even though I need to lose weight and it's already had health benefits such as putting my blood pressure into the normal range.

I do my best to make sure I get at least 1500 calories a day to maintain healthy loss. I have a large breakfast and have now began including Boost meal replacement drinks as later in the day it's difficult to eat much of anything for lunch or dinner.

Just curious if others can confirm losing weight like at a rate like this part of life on Dexedrine? I do agree my doasage is a bit higher than the norm, but the 30mg morning dose is to counteract the drowsiness of the Seroquel I take for sleep (only thing that has helped my decade long insomnia). Prior to starting Dexedrine, I'd been trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, but was having little success due to the fact I also have hypothyroidism, which makes it notoriously difficult to lose weight.

Other than some jaw clenching the first few days and an evated heartbeat, I've noticed few other side effects.

11-23-14, 09:39 PM
Can confirm 45 isn't out of normal range

Some of us just need more I'm on the same.

I've been on dex now for 2 years was on Ritalin and concerta before

I still have issues with eating but that's partly memory partly poor appetite generally , how long have you been on dex ?

11-24-14, 04:52 AM
Dexedrine boosts your metabolism. During my first few days or weeks on the medication I lost 4-5 lbs and I was skinny before (meaning that this was a negative effect for me). I was actually eating more than before and still losing weight (Dexedrine makes me hungry). The only way to avoid extreme weight loss on this medication is to eat the same or even more than you ate before.

Making sure you're properly hydrated can help with the elevated heartbeat.

11-26-14, 06:04 AM
Protein shakes will be your friend. I have a great one that i blend with ice and its just like a milk shake.