View Full Version : Our Inheritance

11-24-14, 02:38 AM
Am I awake? Or am I still dreaming
Am I alive? Or am I still dying
For all I think
I am
For all I know
I still don't know
What happens tomorrow
Nobody knows
I imagine a world without gravity
A place without dispair
I imagine traversing the heavens
Walking on air
Somewhere in the hills far away from the city
Where I can see the stars falling
I cant see the stars from where I stand in this city
There is a stench of smog that fills the air and these lights are so thick they darken my dreams as they illuminate dispair
Are these lights there to distract us from the skies that once were there?
block out heaven to shut out the mind
Does it make the fact you will die any easier to bare?
Though I dream I know we will never see the stars again
I heard they look close but are so far
its only a dream but it means more than anything has ever meant before
On the eve of an artificial apocalypse
we killed eachothers dreams for the sake of false security
As we compact and cluster, stiched slowly together
Forced to recognize that small space you call your place among this human race
We traded uncertainty for certain destruction
We forgot the memory
Of clean air,
room to breathe
mountains, that we can no longer see
and the stars above our heads are now only seen through a tv screen
These things our ancestors once killed for
Aren't thought of anymore
There isnt anything left there to search for
The only thing left worth feeling are tears
Our dreams are stolen right before our eyes
Now our dreams have all demised
Perhaps that's why when we vote, our heads are covered
So we never have to look up and realize we cant see the sky
Would that even change your mind?
what are we inheriting? Can they see?
There is an irony that bares its sting
Some how yesterdays reality became tomorrows dream
As we move backwards toward nothing