View Full Version : Recovery

11-26-14, 04:36 AM
Scarlett sleeves and sweat suede stained shirt
My eyes bleed tears
They travel through my spine into a shattered mirror
Reflecting only pieces of my humanity till I exist only as a whisper
As steel ropes hum and the body shakes to the sound of a drum
They came to stay but I cant stay
A ciggarette acts as my vigil, lighting the way
Mimicing a fire that slowly burns from inside
Tormenting and radiating
A curiousity that draws in shadows like grief that may not stay
Their words are not of the fray
Smelling decay I fall frail to their will,
drawing me in a rhythms echo
as they hold my heart still
Singing through threads of time
Like needles in my spine
Like times before
Drawing in my eyes
Pale bones and marked arms
The future is written through all the needles
And the leeches that cover my scars
The ciggarette burns which carry away my child like curiosity
I step into the dark,
Without dismay
Without a flicker of flame
Open my arms to embrace
The cold chill of winter and whatever else may come my way
Without hope I am no longer dismayed
I skip spryly through hell to get to heavens gate
Because im no longer afraid