View Full Version : Android / Iphone applications - What do you think is good?

11-26-14, 02:21 PM
Just shoving a comment in another section and thought it might be an idea to have an "What app can't you live without", more along to recommend, rather than find ways to get off candy crush!!!

Me - Med helper, I'm on android, (Jellybean 4.2.1) and the app is completely free - you just put in your meds, what doses / times etc and a reminder will pop in your notification bar when it medication time - I use it for my inhalers and ginko tablets (for tinnitus). You can have a log of how many doeses or re-fills you have left and when your meds are running low you can set it to remind you that they are running low (e.g. when Ventolin inhaler has 30 puffs left).

Any great apps that other people use that they feel could benefit others?