View Full Version : (trigger warning: self harm) How to get my mind off of cutting?

11-26-14, 09:27 PM
I'm really trying to let go of my cutting habit, I realise that it's seriously unhealthy, and have wanted to stop for ages now. I can sometimes go for a few days, even weeks on some occasions without doing it, but it's only a matter of time, eventually I get overwhelming urges to harm myself and I often can't think of anything else until I do so. I'm feeling very depressed at the moment, and I'm afraid I may cut too deep again. Do you have any advice for getting my mind off of it? I've tried a few things in the past, such as going on a walk, or phoning someone, but they've had relatively limited success in that area.

11-27-14, 06:29 AM
The only thing that brought me back from the blink of self mutilation was therapy and meds.

11-27-14, 10:23 PM
This is not the kind of thing where "getting your mind off it" is a real solution. You do (for sure) need therapy and may (probably?) need medication.

You won't succeed by yourself - you already tried and you know the story - by yourself, it just comes back. You need that therapist.

But until your first therapy appointment, which needs to be very soon (not as in "someday soon"; more like "get on that phone by tomorrow morning"), you can do lots of interesting things, and meet in real life with several different people. Keeping yourself busy, yes - but being busy with real-life people is far better than "just doing things".

11-27-14, 11:17 PM
Take it minute by minute. Postpone it..just for another minute least.

Is there any thing you really enjoy doing? Do you have a favourite meal? Can you make it for yourself?

Getting some sleep might help too if you can. And then when you wake up do make an appointment too see someone.


12-04-14, 08:33 PM

Sending you a bro e-(((hug))) man. :(

I know this is going to sound corny...sure did to me the first time it was suggested to me...

But buy yourself a red marker...and when you find yourself craving, pull the marker out and use that in place of a blade.

I had a therapist suggest this to me many years ago. And I thought it was dumb. She didn't get it. That wouldn't satisfy me. It wouldn't make me feel better.

So I ignored her advice for years. day I had just happened to have a red marker close to hand and I was having that obsessive craving...that longing.
So I took the marker out and slid it across my shoulder...just as I've done with blades hundreds of times over the years.

And damn. I couldn't believe it. It felt so real...the ink took a few seconds to dry adding to the realistic feeling.
And so I did it a few more times.

I never ended up picking up a blade that night. It was just enough to get me through...that red marker.

So I hope you keep the idea in mind.

There is hope. I haven't cut in about 4 1/2 years now. I still find myself once in a great while obsessing on it...longing for it. But it is a habit that can be broken. There is absolutely hope in that.