View Full Version : Doubts about taking a month break for Shattera

11-27-14, 10:03 AM
Hi I am 17 this year and has been prescribed ATOMOXETINE (Shattera) for more than a year. Since then my ADHD conditions have been improved. I having my school term break now (30-40days), with the price of SHATTERA going up, is it possible to NOT consume SHATTERA during my school term break? Because I won't be studying much during the break. From what I know Shattera cannot be stopped abruptly, and I seen a few different psychiatrist and some said yes and some said no. I am very puzzled, should I stop taking medication or continue ? Please give me some good advice with reliable sources (such as experience, or profession). Thanks in advance

11-27-14, 10:42 AM
stratterra works the same way an antidepressant works. It actually was first marketed as such. One thing you can't do is abruptly stop. DO NOT do that. Under a doctor's supervision you should slowly ween yourself off. It might be worth it to try a stimulant.