View Full Version : Bad for people with bipolar?

11-27-14, 11:45 AM
My doctor is thinking about putting me on strattera for my issues with focusing but I am worried about what I've been reading about how it effects people with bipolar disorder. I will bring this up with him when I see him. Is there anyone who has bipolar disorder who this has helped? Thank you.

11-27-14, 11:51 AM
Hopefully it'll be ok :)

It was initially an anti depressant and anti depressants are commonly used for low mood in BP also of note is that stimulants may not totally be out of the picture there's a few here that have found one that's helpful

Try not to read in to things too much or you'll worry yourself sick :)

11-27-14, 06:32 PM
I have Cyclothymia (Bipolar III) and my psych doc was happy enough to put me on Strattera. I know it's not as severe as Bipolar 1 and 2 but still same symptoms, just not as severe.