View Full Version : (Trigger warning: mentions suicide) How Do You Know When To Get Involved?

11-30-14, 09:45 PM
This post is more about how to tell when your friend or family member is at the point where they are so depressed and thinking suicidal thoughts that you have to step in and get them some help.

Last week my friend was having a terrible time with her depression. Like me she has up and down moods (diagnosed bipolar). She told me that all her medication had stopped working and the next couple of days she was still just as depressed, if not worse.

So, as usual I gave her some space and gently encouraged her that it will get better. She never seemed to get out of this funk though. I've heard my friend talk about suicidal thoughts before and because I go through the same thing, usual just as severe and serious about suicide each time, I just gave her more space so she could recover.

Then I find out that someone who didn't even know her called the cops to see how she was and after that she did start to get better.

I never really thought it would get to that point. Maybe if the cops weren't called on her she would have remained in her funk, but I don't think she would have killed herself. But it's great to see her start to recover. She seems to be thankful for these strangers that helped her and ignoring her mates have have always been by to support her. We just don't report her to the police because we've seen her through terrible times and we see her come out of the other side. I know it sounds selfish but it's kind of like we're not even there for her now.

Anyway, the most important thing to remember to me is that I didn't lose my best friend. There's was a possibility I could have and I never saw the signs.

So, for those who have or know some with chronic depression particularity major depression that's more cyclic, what would be at least 5 red flags that say this person is at serious risk for suicide and might need assistance from police or medical staff?

My friend even had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. She kept it all from us though so we just kept waiting for her to get out of the episode.

This thread might also be good to make those of us who deal with our own suicidal thoughts to become more self-aware when we've passed that thinking stage and are beginning to make attempts.

I remember I had such a terrible week of severe depression that I literally had a plan in place if I didn't start feeling better. It was all pms related though and the next cycle started and I felt better. I'm not sure if this is what my friend just went through.