View Full Version : Concerta having the opposite effect I was hoping for

12-02-14, 10:29 PM

So I have some degree of ADHD... I'm quite impatient, anxious, lacking focus, impulsive and lose interest in things quickly... So the doctor gave me a prescription for concerta... Other issues I have which I discussed with my doctor was irritability, mood swings, feeling tense/on edge, always needing to move from one thing to the next, frequently changing surroundings, and very difficult to relax and enjoy the moment.

The concerta seemed to help with the lack of focus and I am able to apply myself easier to a specific task... but all the other symptoms I have became more intensified... If I had to choose I'd much rather have the lack of focus over the other symptoms, which are very prominent even without this drug. But I have no desire to keep taking Concerta given the negative effects far outweigh the positive from what I'm experiencing.

Doing online quiz's a lot of my symptoms can be traced to ADHD, some level of anxiety and boarderline personality disorder.

12-03-14, 01:18 AM
I think your suffering from extra anxiety. To back to your dr. Hopefully he gives you something for that. Ie SSRI

12-03-14, 04:44 AM
If Concerta doesn't help you, you should give it up and try another drug. Stimulant medication usually works instantly or it doesn't work at all. If you think you also have anxiety or a personality disorder, you should see a psychiatrist, so you can get the proper diagnosis. Don't try and self diagnose with quizzes on the Internet, because they are completely unreliable.

12-03-14, 05:34 AM
When I was first diagnosed with ADHD about 2 years ago, Concerta was what I started out on. I knew it wasn't the right med for me after a couple weeks. My doctor wanted me to stick with it for a couple months & would adjust the dosages before he switched me to a new medicine. As the dosage increased, the anxiety I had became worse, and he wanted to put my on SSRI's and Klonipin. I hated the SSRI's bc I knew I wasnt a depressed person at all, I just had anxiety. The klonipin helped. After a couple months though, I really insisted that the Concerta wasn't doing anything but making things worse. So he agreed to switch me to Adderall. And after that, all of my anxiety went away, I didn't need the SSRI's or the Klonopin. Adderall was MUCH better fit for me and really changed my life. Some meds work for some & not for others. Maybe Concerta just isn't right, for you. Eventually you'll find one that works. Unfortunately in the beginning, it's trial and error. Hang in there and you'll find the med that works for you :)