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12-04-14, 11:27 AM
I just got my labs back and while most are great, better than I'd hoped even, one really isn't. The range is supposed to be 22-291, with above 75 apparently being more what you really want.

I got a 17.


I take a daily iron supplement (27 mg tablets) already, I have a spinach or kale smoothie every morning, and I eat beef twice a week.

Ugh. I think I'm going to get put on liquid iron. Super gross! This reminds me of being a kid though I'm supposed to be having the kid not reverting to one.

I'm waiting for my doctor to ring but if anyone has any good iron increasing ideas, let me know.

12-04-14, 12:38 PM
This is one time when orange juice is your friend when taking pills.
Vitamin C helps with absorbing the iron.

Don't take the iron supplement along with your other pills and supplements.
Calcium and zinc are the worst for decreasing the absorption of iron.

Drinking coffee and tea also decreases the absorption of iron.

All that means that it's best to take your iron supplement on an empty stomach,
washing it down with orange juice, or add an ascorbic acid supplement.

Yes, red meat and green veggies are a good source of iron, so are fish,
poultry, nuts, legumes, fruit, sea vegetables and grains.

I was severely iron deficient when I was about 30. Hand tremors so bad
I couldn't hold a glass of water with one hand. I don't get along well with
orange juice, but took an iron supplement and ascorbic acid to good effect.

12-04-14, 02:00 PM
We give patients iron supplements (pills) with OJ in the hospital to aid in absorption BUT do the research on taking liquid supplements and OJ since the rate of absorption is faster with liquids and you want to make sure that absorbing iron too fast isn't harmful.

12-04-14, 04:24 PM
Try the Phoenix Zoo's new Ferret Formula! Guaranteed to increase the "ferret in" your life by at least 300%! (

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Seriously, I have no idea, given that you're already eating beef and leafy greens. Crunchy paper clip chips? Sprinkle iron filings on your breakfast cereal? (

Liquid iron sounds...not tasty. Like, here, you don't have enough morning sickness already -- drink some of this here liquid iron! :p Blech!

Hope you can get it sorted without having to endure anything truly unpalatable!

12-04-14, 04:38 PM
namazu - you had just been waiting to get that ferrit in anywhere you could, hadn't you? :)

12-06-14, 10:12 AM
i got put on twice daily 365 mg ferrous sulfate tablets and advised to keep my current diet, but add actual full servings of beef. (i guess a couple of bites does not a serving make).

i do eat mostly grains/legumes and fish and produce ...not big on poultry...i could probably stand to eat more nuts. i eat a lot of nut butter...but not lots of nuts plain.

i started the supplements yesterday. he also said to take with citrus juice. i can't drink grapefruit juice at all ever because it interacts with certain medications, but he said i could eat a clementine/mandarin instead of juice if i liked since the iron itself might be hard on my stomach, so i've been doing that since i don't have juice in the house, but i do have fruit. my stomach usually doesn't bother me much though.

thanks for the suggestions! i'm getting tested again in a month and hopefully it'll be better. it does make some amount of sense why i've had somewhat less energy than usual. or maybe i've just been sleeping more. i'm not as hyper in the mornings, but i spose i didn't see that as the worst thing in the world. i guarantee my partner doesn't. not that he wants me ill, but more that i'm a lot to deal with most mornings.

the good news is that it doesn't affect her really. she takes what she needs first, so it's more about my health, which is still overall good. remarkably...inexplicably! i was really worried about gestational diabetes because one of the meds i take can give you diabetes just on its own, but i got a 116 on the one hour test, so all clear. damn, i can be really lucky sometimes despite being very UNlucky others. i've also been worried about being able to gain the 35 pounds they want me to gain...holy crap, right?! but i've managed to gain 19.5 thus far, so maybe it'll actually happen? dare to dream.

anyway, i'm babbling...cheers again for the suggestions and i'm going to do better with diet and hope this supplement has a positive impact by the next lab date!

EDIT: one clarification: when i said above i was taking the 27 mg, that's "elemental iron", so now i'm taking 365 mg ferrous sulfide BID (but that is 65 mg elemental iron each). i just realised it kinda looks like a huge jump. i mean, it IS...but i've learned there are different types of iron or formulations or something so the jump is more from 27 of one kind to 130 of the same kind...not 27 to 730.

12-06-14, 11:51 AM
Didn't know you're expecting ... conga-rats! :yes:

12-06-14, 01:00 PM
Somehow I had wondered about the beef - had already imagined you having two bites and saying "There, I ate beef". :) Glad you're on the way to getting this problem ironed out. :)

12-06-14, 01:13 PM
they say cooking in a cast iron skillet helps, but probably no where near the amount you need it too :)

12-06-14, 05:28 PM
Didn't know you're expecting ... conga-rats! :yes:

Thanks, luna :D xx

Early march. I found out more recently than one would hope...

Having a girl :)