View Full Version : Why does slow release dexamphetamine make me very sleepy/lethargic?

12-04-14, 10:19 PM
As title? My doctor doesn't believe it's caused by the slow release dexamphetamine and it doesn't happen when i am on short acting (the normal version) of dexamphetamine....

Due to Australia's silly insurance laws however, it is actually much cheaper for me to get the slow release version as those will be covered by my insurance, but the short acting version has a contribution charge per 100 tablets that makes it impossible for me to claim anything back from my insurance.

12-16-15, 02:44 AM

12-16-15, 05:04 AM
What is your dose? Sometimes to high or too low of a dose can make you feel tired.

12-16-15, 06:47 AM
It was 20 mg/day. With the fast release tablets, i take 10 at a time and have no problems.

12-16-15, 07:19 AM
I don't know anything about slow release but I would like to.

12-16-15, 02:12 PM
I don't know anything about slow release but I would like to.

What do you mean?

12-16-15, 03:27 PM
So it seems like you are dissatisfied with your medication. Can you request that he prescribe another long-acting medication or another medication that isn't too costly for you?

Have you talked about alternatives?


12-18-15, 04:23 PM
What long acting medication would that be?

I think ive kind of hit a dead wall with medications, because according to the psychatrist, the only other options are expensive ones which i cant afford...

So im back to the fast release dexamphetamine.

12-18-15, 06:44 PM
So if you are talking about slow release dex I presume you are talking about Elvanse or Vyvanse?

I know if I do not eat with Concerta (slow release) it eventually renders it useless and I feel tired, mentally and physically, more so than if I hadn't eaten much without the med.

Remember it has to get processed in the gut before it reaches the brain.

Just a thought.

12-19-15, 05:05 AM
No, its dexamphetamine but compounded in a slow release capsule.

Ive tried taking the slow release capsule with food but it doesnt seem to make much of a difference...