View Full Version : Math (GRE) for adults with ADHD

12-08-14, 07:23 PM
Are there any resources to help adults with ADD cope with challenging math procedures?

I haven't done math in decades and, suddenly, am faced with taking the GRE next month. :( I took a practice test and did really well on verbal (which is just to say: I'm not stupid) but I did terribly on the math.

Aside from needing to review stuff I've forgotten, I'm noticing on complex problems requiring multiple steps to solve that I tend to lose track of why I'm doing things and how it even related to the original question. This takes too long, and I get annoyed at myself and demoralized! :doh:

I wonder if people have figured out any tricks for coping with this?

12-12-14, 07:43 PM
Math problems on the GRE general test are usually not complex. There is only a very limited set of types of problems. This means that it is very prep-able! Find some of the GRE prep books and read the maths sections so that you learn to recognize the patterns. Then you just have to do a lot of practice tests. I did 7 full practice tests over the course of two weeks. It helped me a lot.