View Full Version : First Sunset

12-10-14, 11:53 PM
Its the first time I saw color
Ive seen color but nothing like this
A sunset made me cry
I dont know why
I believe in the how but not the why
But it made me cry
I lift my hand up to it
To capture the sun between my hand
I hum to the sound of the sky
It reminded me I was here
for just one moment
It reminded me I was alive
I witnessed a beauty that whispers in the trees
It follows the wind and speaks through the leaves
I bare witness to the unseen
truths unspoken as old as time
But my eyes are unworthy to touch these seas,
as gold rays of sun, shine down on my face
between the sky and ground
Creating a bridge that was built long ago
Calling me making my spirit grow
It illuminates the living beauty inside me
In each color I see
An ancient
A thing
Extraordinary to breathe in each flavor
To taste the air,
I can taste on my tongue
resting gently between my mind and teeth
It forms words that run from beneath
As old as time,
this word still echoes inside of me
A to T, G to C,
Always, there is more to see
Will it ever meets my eyes?
For a moment I saw something most go without ever seeing their whole lives
A sunset that made me cry,
I may know how but I dont know why