View Full Version : King Of The Thieves

12-11-14, 11:32 PM
Lick the spoon
Taste the silver
This sliver is leaving you
And broken
Your greedy eyes consume the world till you're half alive,
drunk and blind
Only partly you despise the haze in your mirror
Ambiguity is hard to dress
Less than the emptyness in your eyes
You search within for the answers
You mine the caverns of dispair
Hollowed your soul out till you felt whole
Barely breathing barely able to stand among the sturdy
You doubt the world but you trust your god is merciful

you were blessed with three legs and grew up falling down
You sip fables from the ground
Staring at a reflection you cant recognize you lift your head up from your side to see a world mutually despised
They accuse you of tall tales with empty threats and pure lies
With the dirt you wear on a forehead they call a crown
You stand as you fall down and taste the dirt you call kin you stand up then down again
In spite, you cant seem to wipe away that sad stupid grin
You'll fight till the end
Failure is sometimes your comfort because success is too easy
But to live 6 inches from death takes courage that escapes the bravest
you're down but the world can only kick you one time around
when you hide you preserve your spirit, resting up for your ascension to a golden throne
Like a prize fighter waiting for the bell, you are simply a child of heaven trapped in hell
Already the rain sings a ballad the rats will tell
Nothing can break the spirit you've hidden within the one you knew you had all along
They'll never see you come
You clutch the dark and wrap it around you like a warm blanket
You choose to hide from the world
The one you despise as you curl old newspaper around yourself
Wearing a beard for clothes and fleas for friends
They call you a beggar and feed you lies, they annoint you in blood
You swear on everything from what is within, you're more than their disapproving stares are saying, the air is ripe, you know one day, god will answer your prayer
your a seer and forming a vision of a deity
when your resting along the side of the road theres only one direction to go
You're heart is pure and you are one of the chosen devine
in your own eyes you shine in the dark
A sun to the Gods
One day the darkness will be bright and they will lose sight of the beggar
They'll only see the blood soaked angel
time reveals all things and makes kings along the way,
Assembles empires thieves desire, Kills devinities only to see them rise up again
For now you search for the day you are able
capable to stand and the world will be crippled as you ascend the street gutter
But inside, the heart grows weaker as it comfortably slowly dies as each day passes you by
Running from the minutes, trying to stop the seconds that scold your eyes
A truth you will come to realize
Not even god can humble time
one question remains never it was really the same
Will success truly be obtainable,
if it never was measureable?