View Full Version : Feed back needed from others regarding their experiences!

12-14-14, 01:58 PM
I am looking to chat with people who are or have taken prescribed methylphenidate for ADHD. I am 46, but was diagnosed when I was 30 and did nothing about it. After being fired from a job for not catching on fast enough and making too many errors. I decided to talk to my doctor about trying medication to help me concentrate etc.

I am been taking this med for about 5 months now, started at 10 mg and up to 50 mg. I am on the IR as both my doc and I like to control this. Curious as to the LA (Concerta) would work.

By trial and error I do not drink more then one cup of coffee a day. At first I was craving coffee, but would get wicked jitters (did that before the meds too). Anyone else experiences cravings for coffee/caffeine?

As well, when I go to the gym I find the rest of my day is so much better. Anyone else experience this?

Another cool thing that happened was my creative side all of a sudden came out. Anyone else?

Over all my experience has been very positive. I sleep great but have active dreams. At first, everyday seemed to be different reaction, amount of time that I could site and study etc without being distracted etc. Anyone else?

I do find if I am sitting here not really doing anything, I tend to get tired. As soon as I get up and go do something like the dishes etc., that goes away. Anyone else?

Sorry for the long script - I am a newbie!

Love to hear from you.