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12-14-14, 09:32 PM
Hi All,

I am a 40 yr old who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I was wondering if other women with ADHD had had as much problems with thier hormones as I.

When I was young I had no problems at all however I had to have an ovary removed after the birth of my second child at 32 and then hormonally all hell as broke loose. I started getting really bad pmt, would bloat up a full dress siz. Moody, completely foggy. Then severe migraines which have made my life hell. I get migraines either 5 days before my period - in which case I will get them every day for 8 -10 days, or on the second day of my period which means I will get them for 3-4 days. Sometimes I get them mid-cycle too. Not just the migraines but my brain slows down to nothing, like thick thick mud. I get insomnia for a couple of days before the migraines break out too. It makes me feel so ill those days, hot and cold, dizzy. have trouble even talking sometimes, like my sentences come out backwards.

The last year it has been even worse as I have been struggling with grief and ptsd after the sudden death of my mother. The moodswings which come with pmt have been so extreme I feel really depressed, but only at those times.

I am now on Ritalin 20mg a day and 5mg of prozac (been 35 days). I have heard that prozac can be used to treat extreme PMT and I have noticed the Ritalin as definately helped with the brain fog it causes. Have been sleeping well finally and in general felt much better the past couple of weeks.

However the last two days have been very unhappy again, am obviously cycling. Today I feel dizzy and nausoues, (and seem to have lost my ability to spell at all :mad:). Couldn't sleep last night and was obsessing about my Mum again. Might have to increase the prozac dose and hope next cycle I am better covered.

Anyway I was wondering if other ADHD women have had similar problems with their hormones and if so did anything work to improve thing?

Thanks Jennie

Little Missy
12-14-14, 10:09 PM
After menopause you'll probably never have a migraine again.:D

12-14-14, 10:43 PM
Gosh I hope so. My mum suffered migraines, in retrospect I think she was adhd too. Now my oldest son is getting them (fortunately he doesn't have adhd). My youngest son has adhd but no migraines. Sorry kids for the dud genes, I think I passed some good genes on too!

Am such a muddle right now, grief, anxiety, stress, adhd and migraines. Sometimes wish I could just stay in bed for a month but life doesn't stop.

ps sorry for the terrible typing and spelling. Brain not functioning well today, and I am supposed to be working :/

12-15-14, 04:59 AM
As far as I know there's no actual research on ADHD women and hormones.

But after lurking on various forums since 2008 I can safely say: Yes, we are extremely sensitive to hormone fluctuations.

We don't all react the same way though, but having less effect from the medicine is one of the ways we react.

12-15-14, 05:34 AM
yes decided to take an extra Ritalin this morning with very little effect. Sure enough I came down with a migraine today not long after my last message. Just to really add to my woes I have also lost my house and car keys, have had to leave the house unlocked three times today. Am not having a good day.

Am hoping someone has found a way to improve their hormone issues??? is there hope?

12-15-14, 03:24 PM
My symptoms get way worse right before my period. Like a few days before and lasts all the way till my second or third day of my period.
So usually anywhere from 5-7 days