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12-15-14, 02:41 AM
Hey everybody!
My beautiful 4 year old boy appropriately nick named BamBam finished all of his evaluations and I have the initial meeting with the CPSE on Wednesday. I am freaking nervous as heck and can't stop googling!
For some history my little guy has been a hand full since he was tiny. Always got the "he's just an active boy" from friends and family, or the laser stares of death from strangers who assume I am a ad parent. It seems like when you hit age 4 the crazy antics outgrows it's cuteness cause that's when it seems like people started to agree with me that something was wrong.
Bam was evaluated by a speech therapist. The speech therapist seems to think that he will score borderline. That means he will have to score borderline or disabled in another domain.
Bam was also evaluated for OT. He has some issues with fine motor we have been working on, like holding a pencil and using scissors. But mainly he saw the OT because he puts everything, I mean everything, in his mouth.
Bam also saw the psych for his behavior. He can not sit still. Even when he is sitting still his little legs are still wiggling around. He dosent focus for more than a few minutes and it became a problem in preschool. The psych said he will need a SEIT.
I guess I'm nervous because I'm not sure really what to expect. I'm assuming that he should qualify for an IEP if the psych said a SEIT teacher, but then I see some people who wind up with a 504. I just can't see how a 504 can be enough with a child so little.
Then Ive heard that one I get this all down pat I have to start right away with the CSE because it's totally different for kindergarten.

12-16-14, 03:39 PM
Go to the website called wrights law and read about your parental rights in special education.