View Full Version : MPH causes oxidative stress!

12-17-14, 09:48 PM
Just found this study here. This sounds concerning.
I once had my oxidative stress measured in the blood and it was already elevated. I'm now taking antioxidants. But back then I wasn't even taking ritalin.

12-17-14, 11:11 PM
Does Ritalin cause more oxidative stress than Adderall?

12-19-14, 06:25 PM
^ That's hard to answer, but they both do. Other journal articles say similar things for Amphetamine class treatments.

I'm under the impression the brain needs a certain level of oxidation in certain parts, to have good attention and impulse control.

I'd like to think in future, pharma companies will sell more selective medications that can trigger it where it's needed, without generally increasing it in the body.

12-19-14, 07:11 PM
Does Ritalin cause more oxidative stress than Adderall?

If this is none of my business please say so, no hard feelings. But when I take Adderall my BP and HR go up. How does that factor with the Mitral Valve Prolapse? I guess it would help if I new what that is, so while I wait to see I will look it up. Also does Adderall do the same to anyone else reading this post?

12-21-14, 05:10 PM
I have to take a very little amount of Adderall and skip days so my heart has some rest off it.

12-24-14, 06:00 AM
Not trying to sound like a moron but could someone break down what oxidative stress is for me?

12-24-14, 06:22 AM
It was double dutch to me too Sarah.

12-24-14, 09:34 PM
Oxidative stress is bad when it's too high. It can cause damages to the cells. I already know that my OS is high. I once had it measured in the blood. My doc then told me to start taking antioxidants (vitamin C,E,alpha lipoic acid, multi vitamins).

What kind of shocks me is that after all these years they find out about this now???? And then they say that ritalin is soooo well researched. Kinda makes you wonder.

10-10-15, 11:10 PM
Sorry for ressuructing a year old thread but I'd thought I'd throw in my 2 cents incase someone digs up this thread looking for more info on this topic.

Sarah & Robbo: Essentially oxidative stress is the name used to refer to damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are particles that float around in your brain and body naturally. These free radicals will bind to(attach themselves to) nerve terminals and damage them(especially in the brain). So the claim is that MPH increases the number of free radicals in the brain, which increase the amount of damage to nerve terminals.

But the idea of free radicals causing permanent, long term damage is a myth. There are little to no studies to prove it, infact, just the opposite. Multiple studies have found
that increased oxidative stress may be healthy! Apparently the oxidative damage activates our own natural internal repair systems, which repairs the damage and improve function
of the affected area.

In fact, some studies show that taking antioxidants may shorten lifespan and increase the risk of some diseases.

I like to think of it like exercise. Exercise itself is not good for you in the short term. You are actually damaging your muscles when you exercise, but that damage forces
the body to activate repair mechanisms to repair the muscle and improve it's function. So the end result is that exercise is healthy, even thought it seems quite the opposite
in the short term.

Now am I saying that Methylphenidate is healthy? No, I'm not saying that. What I'm trying to say is that our understanding of free radicals is very limited.
Which basically means, the fact that MPH increases Oxidative stress doesn't actually mean anything. Is Oxidative Stress Bad? Is Oxidative Stress Good? No one knows.

If you're curious to learn more, here's something for further reading(This is where all my sources come from btw):