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12-18-14, 01:07 AM
So I can't seem to find a thread addressing this issue so I thought I'd raise it here.
Does anyone else worry about how others perceive them while on Ritalin? I work in retail and take Ritalin during work days. I've noticed that both customers and co-workers seem to notice that something is up with me.

Co-workers (who don't know I take Ritalin) have noticed me focusing intently on a task or multi-tasking efficiently and have jokingly commented, "Woah, easy there! You sure you haven't taken too much speed/cocaine this morning?"

Customers have sometimes been unusually polite after noticing me in a zombie/spaced out state when serving them.

Does anyone else here worry that other people think you are unusual or on an illicit drug while you are on Ritalin? Are there any tips on how to manage your demeanour while the medication is taking its effect?

12-23-14, 05:46 AM
I haven't taken Ritalin for years but I've noticed with stimulants sometimes it can make you hyper aware of stuff around you which would include thinking about what other people think of you. You may think that people wonder whats up with you but it could just be that you're extremely aware of your surroundings.

12-23-14, 06:47 AM
What Sarah says is super correct.

My job, dealing with a lot of people and sometimes you know people perceive something.
I find if I'm really speedy I had too much.

I generally feel pretty relaxed. Too the point I don't really care what people think.
If people ask, I work in Medicine, I tell them I take an SSRI.
There is also drops you can take for the eyes.
Your body will also adapt to the medication relatively soon.

01-09-15, 09:34 PM
It seems that perhaps you are being a little paranoid... A know side effect of stimulant meds. Did you titrate up on your dosages?

The hyper-focus is relatively normal too. So is the feeling of flatness (personality wise). These symptoms will pass as you adapt. Just make it through week 1.

01-10-15, 02:59 AM
I also feel as if It is really noticeable by customers and colleagues where I work. But honestly, being inattentive type adhd my colleagues more often ask me if I'm high when I haven't taken my ritalin. They have never said anything while on it. I think generally it is all in the head with anxiety and paranoia being side effects of ritalin.

02-19-15, 02:36 AM
Thanks guys, some very good answers here. I'm probably just over thinking it. My doctor started me at 20mg daily for about a month and then 30mg daily dosage for the past 10 months or so.
Some of the more obvious side effects of Ritalin just never go away. Like looking really flushed, looking super alert or dry eyes.

02-20-15, 10:11 AM
I'm fair skinned and that flushed look I could do without. I think being alert that's not a bad thing the trick I think is to not be surprised at people's reactions. Although comparisons are made ,these drugs are different ( by along shot ) to street drugs. I had a few years taking SSRI s and I like to compare Stims to those. Remember drink plenty of water, even if you have to go to the toilet.

02-20-15, 11:46 AM
It's more the other way around with me off Meds people are like wtf is your problem :/

02-20-15, 02:06 PM
Same as Flory. When I'm off meds people think I'm drunk, hung-over, sick or depressed. I don't ever want to go to work unmedicated again!

Maybe if you'd take a long-acting stimulant, your co-workers won't notice such a difference.