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12-18-14, 01:27 AM
Hi everyone!

Long story short, took 54mg brand name Concerta in Gr.5 and it was absolutely amazing. Stopped all medication at around Gr.8 and couldn't take the ADHD effects so I restarted medication a few months ago. (I'm a highschool senior now). Started with Generic concerta, didn't work. Now on brand name concerta, 54mg. (Same dose I took in Gr.5).

Today, I told my doctor that 54mg Concerta was working OK but didn't last as long as I need it to. (Stopped feeling effects by the time I get home from school.) He prescribed me the same 54mg Concerta but this time, with a 10mg Ritalin to take when I get home from school.

My Concerns:
-The Ritalin in generic. How does this compare to the brand name? I noticed huge differences between brand and generic concerta, which is why I take brand name now. But then again, I took Concerta before, never Ritalin.

-How many hours should the Ritalin last me? - It's 10mg

-Is there anything that can be done about the strength of the Concerta? Is there anything I can ask my doctor or request? I really do feel that 54mg of Concerta is not enough. I kind of feel the effects wearing off and besides, I took this in Gr.5. It was really strong then, but now, as a highschool senior, it isn't working as well as it was before. I imagined it to be much stronger but I still get impulses every now and then. Should I request maybe Vyvanse? Is there a higher dosage of Concerta I can try maybe? What is there to do regarding the strength? Am I overreacting and need to just give it some time? I think it may just be the time issue, which is now being dealt with since I'm starting the extra Ritalin next week. But what do you think?

Thank you all a TON for your help! I really do appreciate it! I remember asking a question on this forum a month ago about some concerns and people here really made me feel comfortable! :)

Thanks again!

12-18-14, 05:41 AM
The highest dose of concerta is 72mg so maybe that's an option?

01-09-15, 09:24 PM
Concerta IS Ritalin :)

The difference is that concerta is Ritalin packed inside a lipid matrix that allows it to be pumped out consistently throughout the day and allows it to stay in your system longer.

All your doc is doing is giving you a short acting booster for the end of the day with only a 2-3 hour lifespan in the bloodstream.

Hope that helps