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Freckled Kitten
12-19-14, 10:01 AM
Hi everyone ! I'm brand new to this and I decided to turn to this forum for some advice. So I'm a 21 year old female who thinks they may have the inattentive form of ADHD.

My symptoms seemed to be getting worse as I entered college almost 4 years ago. As I was reading about the symptoms though I saw that many of them had been present in my life for a while. I know it's weird though because I had and still am an honors student. In high school though I rarely ever studied and did very well. But college is different. I always struggled with math and sciences ( I was above average ) the sciences I worked hard at and math and I had a negative relationship. But I am a biochemistry major in college with a minor in mathematics due to a love Ive always had for the subjects. But I always find myself putting in a lot more work then everyone else just to get crappy results.

I feel like some of my ADHD symptoms were always there. I am easily distracted. My cousin used to make fun of me a lot as a child because she said that I always looked like I was walking on a cloud. I daydream a lot. What's worse now though is that when I go to class (this started happening maybe 2 years ago) I can't sit through a class. I have to leave for at least 10-15 minutes at least 2 times. A lot of times when professors ( and people ) speak to me after about 30 minutes, I can still hear their words but I'm no longer hearing them. It happens the same with reading. For the first paragraph or two I am processing the words but after a bit they just look like marks on a paper. In grade school I was easily distracted by talking. My report card says ( very bright, very smart, talkative, and distracting) that's been the main complaint since I was a small girl. I also started to notice my symptoms and this affected my friendships a lot was when my boyfriend or friends would talk to me. I would listen and after a while I would just tune them out (unintentionally of course).

This caused a lot of arguments and I even lost some friends due to this. My boyfriend used to get so mad bc he would ask me to repeat what he had just said and I was never able to do so. A friend of my mine used to always tell me if I heard everything. Also eye contact . I cannot make eye contact for a long period of time my mom always scolds me for this. It just seems like these symptoms are progressively getting worse. They also manifest at work and my procrastination is horrible! I literally remember not wanting to do a lot of things bc it was too much work yet I'm a biochemistry major ( the paradox of my life :) )

so I guess what I want to know is if I should speak to a psychologist about this. I did read that passive ADHD is much harder to diagnose especially in women. But I dont want to go in there my first session like hey ! I have adhd , I feel like the psychologist will think I'm nuts lol. Also my father may have undiagnosed ADHD my grandfather described him as extremely lazy he was even surprised when my father finished his degree in computer programming but my dad only worked in the field for a little bit and then he left it ( idk why I never asked him ) and he switched from a job that required a lot of brain power to one that only required physical labor and whenever I mention to him that he should go back and persue something ( my father is extremely bright but my mom said the reason she left him was because he was afraid of progression ) he gets scared of it or blows it off.

So yeah ! There's my story ! I may have forgotten some of the details so if anything ask away and thank you all for your time !

12-19-14, 03:16 PM
It sounds like you may have "predominantly inattentive presentation" which is a subtype of ADHD, most commonly referred to as ADD. ADHD is a little more complex and (IMO) has more sever symptoms. I would def talk to a professional, that being a doctor or a physiatrist. (I personally talk to a doctor about it, but for a new diagnoses a physiatrist may be better). It's either that or you could just be under a lot of stress. I don't know much more about your childhood, but ADD/ADHD is something that shows up as a child and is something you've always dealt with. Some may not have known/realized until adulthood but symptoms were always present.

12-19-14, 03:19 PM
Wow, never mind. Read your title and seems like you already figured that out haha.

01-11-15, 05:08 PM
well, I am inattentive ADD and I ALWAYS get told that I look lost. When I am in any store walking around, employees always ask if I need help because I look lost. Kinda frustrating and funny. My sister has told me that also when she would see me in the halls in High School.

01-11-15, 05:12 PM
You like cats?

Let's be friends :)

Also thus far my experience has been when you talk to your doctor or whomever about getting evaluated for ADHD look for someone who actually specializes in ADHD and have your symptoms ready to explain!

01-12-15, 10:47 PM
We could be twins!

Early in our marriage my husband asked that I have my hearing checked because I wasn't responding to him when he spoke. The audiologist said she never tested anyone with such perfect hearing. 16 years later I was diagnosed ADHD-PI. I live in my daydreams.