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12-20-14, 04:45 AM
I got diagnosed with ADHC OCD and tourette's I took the drugs at 7 and till I was out of high school took these drugs and it ruined my life in so many ways

I took risperdal got gyno (lactating breasts EW), fat as a whale, and horrible acne that had to have accutane to go way. Doctor didn't care "lactating breasts and being a man is comesetic" one of those let's go prescribe drug after drug to make $$$ guys who probably if he had it would off himself or likely not be so social anymore like many people do if they have it super bad, or women with beards it's just akward I guess in general to have boobs kinda that can lactate yea...

So at 20 I took steroids took anti estrogens that went away from the risperdal 2 years goes by so happy doing great, can't stay lean anymore joints fought back can't work out. Can't chase the euphoria so basically now what happens is my body just goes to **** testerone going down the toilet.

So I go into the doctor and i'm kind of like man, I need to see an endo and then he's like oh you have TS? So do I talk for about 20 mins shocked he had TS anyways sends me to a shrink take adderall once again. Not supposed to take adderall till my blood work comes in which of course will have my testerone drop 300 points but until it gets below 300 but even then your doctor's typically are unfathomablly dense and refuese to give you TRT.

So now I stopped it all together muscle atrophing feel like **** can focus though. By the way doing graduate school finished uni under 3 years pretty early. Totally wondering how much my bones will get hit doctor's really are hard to deal with over steroids. Well I guess I'm pretty hipster sure no one posts about this on this forum.

first post by the way sup name's roid rage clearly depicates how tourttes can be when I have my tics. Look's kinda like roid rage screaming and stuff haven't had that happen in a while though (thank god) lol.

12-20-14, 04:19 PM
I like yourself have done steroids in the past but not as young as 20 years old (your natural test is still at its peak at the age, you don't need it)

When you stop taking steroids all that artificial test will eventually turn into estrogen and depending how much you have took and for how long for will depend on your recovery period. Personally PCT didn't make much of difference with me, you just got ride the waves!

At the end of the day its not 'hip' to take steroids and I wish I never, but I'm impulsive as hell.

What kind of advice do you need I don't know what to make from your post?

12-24-14, 09:16 PM
Troll anyone???