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12-21-14, 08:23 AM
Hi everyone

I am doing a postgrad degree, 3 semesters studying the theory and the 4th semester is trying to put the theory into practice, in the form of full-time placements, also known as practicum (or prac). If you don't pass the placements, you don't get the qualification, and you are exited from the course with no qualification.

I was diagnosed with inattention ADHD 4 years ago, so I have spent a long time struggling without knowing why, or what to do about it. I am particularly challenged by time management and difficulty concentrating, especially in noisy environments.

Several years before my diagnosis, I discovered the Palm smartphone and that really helped with organisation, in a way that a paper diary can't match. My uni course includes working in hospitals, moving from ward to ward to see patients. You are assessed on many factors, including being punctual and managing a normal patient load.

Unfortunately my Palm died a couple of years ago and I bought an Android phone, but I think I ended up with a dud model, because the reminders don't work at the time I've set them for, and I can't find Android apps that do what I want. However, when it came to doing the hospital placement, I wasn't allowed to carry the smartphone around with me, and was told to use a diary and a fob watch to manage time and tasks, which was disastrous!

This just didn't work for me. Why do ADHD-ers respond better to electronic devices, rather than a watch or clock?

Uni lecturers and the hospital supervisors are very low-tech. How do I put the argument forward that I should be allowed to carry an electronic device around the wards with me?