View Full Version : Wellbutrin and Guanfacine together??

12-27-14, 05:08 PM
Does Anyone have any info on using these two meds together? I was on Guancafine (Tenex) and it worked VERY mildly, but it was better than nothing. Now I am on Wellbutrin and that DEFINITELY works for my depression/anxiety, but not for ADHD/Impulse control.

My doctor told me to keep taking the Tenex with the Wellbutrin, but I haven't yet. I'm too afraid. Tenex ,owers your blood pressure and I sometimes had periods of dizziness/light headedness which freaked me out. I feel like mixing the two may cause me to pass out even thought the Dr. said it was OK.

I can't find ANY helpful info regarding the safety of taking these two together. I guess my Dr. would not have told me I could if it were unsafe, but I'm still afraid to try it.