View Full Version : It's been a long time...I am losing my mind

12-27-14, 10:28 PM
Please tell me that at least one of you Non-ADHD spouses lives near Rochester , NY. I need real people to sit down with a commiserate with and brainstorm with. People who can understand the destruction that ADHD can do.

Since I was last on this forum I have had a child. Now 15 months old. I love my family but The effects of my husbands ADHD can be unbearable.

Don't get me wrong. The support online has been great but I need more. There is no CHADD groups near me and I will organize one if people will come.

My email is my username at gmail. I go to school full time and I am a SAHM so I not on this board much. TIA!


12-28-14, 01:07 PM
Dear meggebeat,

I hope you get some e-mails from people in the Rochester area, and if so, please do share here what your experience is starting that in-person group. That sounds like a great idea. I'm sorry that I am way too far away from you to join in, but I would love to know how it goes making such a group. I wish there was one where I live!

Congratulations on the baby!