View Full Version : Getting half Adderall/half Dextroamphetamine?

12-29-14, 04:21 AM

So my 10mg IR Dex is working great, but a part of me misses the physical/short term memory effects of the L-amp and Amp sulfate.

I'm wondering if it's stupid to ask my doctor about getting on half Addy and half Dex? Anyhow, my insurance resets for next month's script and 120 Mallinckrodt Dex is expensive....Considering getting half and half, I wonder if that would help any with pricing....

Anyone ever try this? I'm gonna ask my doc anyway.

12-29-14, 08:20 PM
I'm curious what he'll say. I have heard of people who are prescribed Adderall XR during the day also being prescribed a lower dose of Dex as an afternoon or evening booster. I don't know about half and half.

01-03-15, 05:55 PM
Yes, my doc gives me adderall xr and dexedrine er. It took a while, I asked for instant boosters of adderall at first to go along with my extended dexedrine. After a while I asked for extended adderall instead of instant. She said no way, the visit after that I asked again and got it.

Mind you this requires a lot of tact, charm, and patience. You have to be prepared to debate logically without sounding like a druggy and make them feel like they thought of the idea. Don't be aggressive, it's kind of like talking to your wife only less stressful.

01-07-15, 01:04 PM
Yeah, the more I think about it the more I might not have to, but I made the switch from a few months of Adderall to Dex quite smoothly. A part of me remembers how much I liked the Sandoz....and having a pure formulation like that is real nice. Plus it just means it's half the amount of pills to buy!

I picked up the Wilshire dex to see what's up with it, 10mg tabs. Was shooting for the Corepharma because from what I read it's the same as the original GSK name brand Dexedrine....but the pharmacist at Rite Aid (have not used them before, the one I went to hardly does any business, and the other one down the road in a more populated spot didn't even have any dextroamp...) was an older guy who tipped me off to the fact they are the same as the Zenzedi. So I was like, what the heck!

It really is giving me some more pronounced sides. It seems like it has quite a bit of l-amp in it. Which is nice at first then it starts to really become side effect city with a more pronounced comedown. The Mallinckrodt was remarkably clean, the purifying job they did is the cleanest I've had so far. So I may see how Corepharma works out if I can find it...these Wilshire I don't find myself breaking into halves like the Mally, not that potent. But it's not a bad pill by any means, better than Barr for darn sure.

01-12-15, 11:51 AM
yeah id def have to say when it comes to dex it goes mallies > zenzedi/MIA > barr . (this is for people who prefer the lesser amount of peripheial side effects d-amp provides. however a good way to bring it up to your doctor is to mention it is a good idea to cycle stimulants every 6 months or so, so you could be on d-amp for 6 months, addie for 6 months, and you could always put some aside so you always have some of each (not a doctor, i don't think that is illegal, my doc has no problem with me doing that but always follow doc orders)