View Full Version : death row

12-31-14, 07:00 AM
The sun sets as the towers fall
I lift my hand up to hear the angels call
Just before I see an empty street
Feels like dying
As I walk through the corridor leading through to a tiny space to a large table and an empty seat
Those at the table are hooded with glowing eyes I can not see
Each one carrying a list and an accusation as his world looks down on me
But im to weary to fight for my wings
these days heaven is to costly
But hell is always free
Inflation is rampent so
Ill gladly rest in hell if it means I have a place to sleep
Their guns are already loaded
Pointed at me
The future looks bleak
Their accusations are Laced with nicotine and through them I can hear gods collective childrens' screams
As they are all hauled away to
Stich together a perfect dream
If its not perfect, theyve got a different kind of poison to fill in the seams
All the cracks and imperfections can be taken away but first you must erase your name and go as quietly as you came
But it will never be the same
We're all still Chasing a sky we can not claim trapped inside a dream
But im so tired of it, all the lies and ********
Beacause of their sins ill burn with it
barely anything but a stare left inside of me at a world that was drunk with fear and greed
Ill shed tears as I laugh when they Say their final prayer
you can set whatever standard you dare
You can bring heaven down upon me
I have nothing left to lose but sleep
this conscience is clear and this mind was free
Unlike you, the devil gave me nothing