View Full Version : Help in Northern VA (Reston / Herndon)

01-03-15, 11:33 AM
I moved to Va and went with the doctor closest to my work (psych) however they have been stress to deal with from day one. Then last week they called and told me they had to schedule an appointment I had for this Monday. And tried to schedule two weeks from now. I will be 100% off by then. I figured I would just deal with it but, once I thought about it I don't want to deal with them anymore at all. And the girl on the phone told me "well your only out for a week" well that's fine for her to say. I would personally not like to start the new year of work in a foggy mess. So all this being said is there anyone in NOVA or especially in Reston/Herndon that could get me in this week or anyone that would be good long term? Before I moved my general doctor was my prescriber after I was evaluated by a psych to confirm diagnosis. Thank you!

01-05-15, 09:44 AM
In looking at psychiatrists I noticed that most of them in my area work at the hospital here or at Amen clinics. Can anyone make an appointment at a hospital or are they there for in patients? Im sure Ahmed takes time to get an appointment but, I'm very curious about how it works there. Do they immediately stop medications and put you on vitamins? I'm fine going off adderall as long as it's not cold turkey like I've done now.