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01-03-15, 07:31 PM
After years of meaning to but never really getting around to it I finally made a appointment with a psychatrist, I described my life and he put me on adderall 10mg. For the first couple weeks for about 3-4 hours I felt pretty calm, collected, really enjoyed the fact I felt like if I chose I could do something. Also my anxiety was gone. Although I noticed after a few days when it wore off I had no fuse at all, and was easily annoyed because my head felt cluttered, not angry enough to start yelling but enough everyone who got on my nerves knew it through sarcastic responses. After a week and a half I noticed I kept asking myself if i took it because I kept doing absent minded stuff. So after a few days of that I tried 20mg, for about 3 hours I felt just absolutely in control, patient, very social. Then after 3 hours, irritable, ansy. etc. its been a few days off and I took 10mg and felt a little more controlled but only for a little while.

I am on winter break from college, and will have at least one 12 hour day and possible 8 hour shifts.

I'm concerned when I go back to talk to my doctor he will either up my dose, or put me on XR, but not both. Which considering my schedule I can't spend half my day going crazy. I don't really know if its a good idea to tell my doctor I tried 20mg but I'm not sure if he puts me on 20mg XR if itll make any difference especially after a couple weeks.

I'm fairly heavy at 5'11 and 200 and very athletic which may be why it seems to clear my system so fast.

01-03-15, 07:44 PM
Don't tell him you took 20mg, that will show him "drug abuse" and may take you off it. What it sounds like you need is XR. It helps TREMENDOUSLY. But, and a big but, it does sometimes hinder your ability to fall asleep easily, so keep that it mind. Just talk to your doctor and tell him it seems to be wearing off rather early and he may put you on XR. Also, the whole "forgetting whether you took it" could be be the drug itself. You could be so wrapped up in some (several) things, you completely forget if you took it. It's happened to me a time or two.

01-03-15, 07:48 PM
Are you prescribed ir tabs once daily?
I hate it when doctors do this it doesn't makes sense.
I would just your doctor know that it only lasts you 4 hours and see if you can add another 1-2 doses in the afternoon.

I find that I need a smaller dose in the afternoon than in the morning. Most likely due to the med still bring in my system even though it has lost it's effectiveness by the time I take my second dose.

01-03-15, 07:52 PM
Yeah once a day IR, by asking myself if I took it I mean I find myself like taking 5 trips to get ready for the gym, being inattentive, getting caught in 30 minute conversations instead of working out, all stuff that went away the first week.

01-04-15, 08:42 AM
Ir meds never worked for me. I take 20mg xr 3 times a day.

01-05-15, 04:17 PM
Some people do better on XR meds... I am not one of them myself but I take 30 mg IR tablets and it 3 times a day. An XR wouldn't be a bad idea to start unless he will give you a higher dose or more doses. Some people are better being in the driver's seat than others when it comes to dosing and others do better with the long streams of medication. I like to feel the difference on and off meds and i find I am better at that ability with the IR vs the XR and because it makes me quiet and calm, I tend to need a little less in some situations vs others.