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01-04-15, 02:18 PM
I posted about not having a good doctor or psych in VA as I recently moved. But, I have another question. Problem: the terrible place I have been going can't see me until the 15th. I am out as of tomorrow. I skipped today so i have something to take tomorrow. This is not going to work. I feel like I just drank a bottle of Nyquil. I need to get my prescription refilled or use up my vacation days for work. What are my options in VA? Will a walk in clinic work? Is there anyone here that would write a script without a full evaluation? This is so unbelievably frustrating. I have tried the other things like l-tyrosine and I'm on my 4th venti from Starbucks and I'm falling asleep.

01-09-15, 04:50 PM
You're in a bit of a bind for sure; the problem is that most doctors won't write a prescription for stimulants unless they have your full medical record, and even then some are hesitant.

The big problem is it can be extremely difficult telling the difference between someone who is seeking medication in order to abuse it and someone who has just run out. Any doctor who doesn't know you well has no way of knowing if you already have scripts from 8 other doctors.

Another possibility is to talk to your pharmacy. If you've been on the same medication reliably for a while now, they may be able to negotiate with your old doctor to get enough of a prescription to last until your next appointment. Unlikely, but possible. Again, many of the meds we take for ADD can also be abused, so they have to be extremely cautious, and they also have to ensure everyone is treated with the same scrutiny.

My best advice is to pull out all the stops when it comes to the non-medical things you do to cope, and to lean on other people to see you through.