View Full Version : Recently prescribed Adderall

01-05-15, 12:27 AM
I have just started generic adderall (couldnt afford regular) XR 30 mg once a day. Before I was on wellbutrin, which only made things worse. Since starting adderall, last thursday, things have been better. Though I still notice a lot of my symptoms. Also, Thursday I could feel it kick in and it lasted about 6 hours. Friday only lasted abou 4 and saturday/sunday less than 2 and it was more of a gradual build up before wearing off quickly. Both Saturday and sunday, it felt as though it was only half as affective as thursday before wearing off in under 4 hours. Even on it, my mind still wanders. Usually to current stresses(ex/girl issues, recent car accident etc) though Thursday it did it a lot less.

My questions are, given this information, would the doctor increase my dose to a single dose of 40, or perhaps taking 30mg XR 2x a day, or would he switch me to IR? I have spoken with the pharmacist and she said this was all normal.

Will my symptoms completely go away or just be less noticeable? My main ones are not being able to focus on just one thing for long, and when i get stressed that is all I can think about which ends up making me anxious and irritable. I have other symptoms but these are the biggest.

Will the dr increase so that I can have more coverage throughout the day since it is only lasted 6 hours at most? Classes start back up in a week and most days will be in lecture from 9-2 , then I will need to sit and study for a couple hours before heading to work from 4-9. Other days I will be in 9-5 with very few breaks(lab days)

Lastly, does weight matter regarding how large of dose to prescribe? I am 6'1(1.85m) 285lbs(129kg).

01-05-15, 02:28 AM
When you're under a lot of stress, medication just doesn't work as well.

Your symptoms will never ever be fully eliminated, no matter what you take or how much.

I hope that your doctor might prescribe more medication for you to take after the first one wears off, but it's up to them.

Dosage is entirely based on how your brain is working, and has nothing to do with your weight, age, or size.

01-05-15, 05:29 AM
Your symptoms are treatable but not curable. If the xr works then the doctor may put you on multiple xr doses.