View Full Version : is Mallinckrodt generic Ritalin/methylphenidate weaker/bad?

01-07-15, 02:01 PM
I am in this forum to find out if other people find Mallinckrodt generic Ritalin to be "weaker" than others, or if it's just me...
"Weak" is my felling so far, to explain how all during December I've been sort of extra dizzy/sleepy.

I never paid attention to brand, until last month. My pharmacist had changed suppliers (again), and definitely there IS a difference. Sandoz wasn't as good as Dan, and what I had in December (and was going to be refilled with again for January) was Mallinckrodt, the worst so far regarding how dull I have felt. I remember I used to get Watson before I changed pharmacy. I guess I'll have to look for that one again...

After spending over an hour here, I found several threads where people agree that they get bad results from Mallinckrodt's generic, but since those threads were hard to find, I started a new one with the problem well on top so it's easier to find for other people.
At least I feel better that the problem wasn't I, or that I need an even higher dose!

for more info, within the Ritalin forum look for (I need to learn how to post links)

Compare generic methylphenidate brands short thread, see Abi's comment, short and to the point though not technical :-)
Manufacturer question also short, valuable reports on side effects people get from M's generic
Brand Ritalin vs Generic Methylphenidate - Can you tell the difference? is a long, detailed thread, also generally agreeing that Mallinckrodt's methylphenidate is the worst.

No idea if this issue has anything similar to Mallinckrodt's downgrading by the FDA regarding the ER version, as not being quite like Concerta in effect. Google Mallinckrodt sues FDA for details on that one. Apparently there are "grades" that the FDA gives to generics. I need to learn more about that.

01-07-15, 02:22 PM
Just a quick thank-you to everyone in these forums. I had been going through a very "peculiar" season where I seemed to be even less able to focus and complete tasks. In July I had finished a successful Kickstarter, had almost everything ready to ship by November, but boxes and packages are still all over the place in January, and I was starting to feel that maybe my good days were ending, when I could creatively attack any project with no fear (an advantage of ADD :-) ), and deliver it (with well managed ADD).
Well, blaming the manufacturer might give some relief, or my problems might be just be something else and I need a completely different chemical or something.
So far, finding people with a similar experience regarding this particular manufacturer was very valuable, finding that it's already having issues with the FDA also gives some understanding of things (and puts some trust back in the FDA), and generically learning about other options and brands was very educative. We'll see how this develops. It is not often that I feel OK for having "wasted" two hours in some internet forum :-) !