View Full Version : Charleston SC Doctor referral for Adderall

American kiwi
01-08-15, 02:41 AM
If you're from a Charleston or were receiving medicine from a doctor there for add or adhd please read: I started taking adderall last year after being tested positive for add numerous times in high school and college. I've fojnd it to really help my concentration and performance at work and school. I'm hoping tou can refer me to whoever prescribed you adderall in Charleston SC since I am moving there rhis weekend and I'm nervous since I don't know anyone there or have a doctor in the state tha I have seen previously. I would really appreciate any referral you might have since I'm not sure if any primary care doctor will prescribe adderall although I have a certified copy of my testing results with me stating that I was found to have ADD after 6 weeks of testing. Please message back when you can!
Thanks for your help!