View Full Version : Does ritalin lose potency out of its pack?

01-08-15, 04:52 PM
Just a quick question.

So I am prescribed 20mg, four times a day of methylphenidate. I have only ever got it in medikinet and tranquilyn brands. They come in blister packs, tablet form.

I was wondering, as I find it awkward taking out packs in classes, college and at work would it be possible to keep them loose in a tin, tic tac container, mint box? I'm worried that they will lose potency or go bad. I was thinking of putting a weeks in at a time but if it isn't a problem I will just put the whole months in. I am aware that they are a controlled drug and I will also carry a prescription box with my name on it.

Thank you in advance.

01-08-15, 05:20 PM
They should be OK for a week or a month out of the pack, as long as they're not exposed to extreme temperatures and they stay dry and don't get smashed from banging around in your bag. (Maybe a piece of foam or cotton would help hold them, if that's a problem.)

Often, blister packs are used for tracking use of daily medications -- so you know how many pills you've taken, and when you might need a refill.

If you keep a week's worth in a tin, will you remember whether you've taken your dose for the day? (I find it difficult, so I use a pill organizer that lets me sort the doses in advance.) You might want to label the tin as well, just in case someone accidentally mistakes them for breath mints...unless the thing you're trying to avoid is advertising that you're carrying medication, in which case an unmarked (at least on the outside) container might be better.

There are some "subtle" pill containers...for example:

Keeping the prescribing info with you is a good idea -- chances are, you'll never get questioned about it, but if you do, you'll be glad you can produce the doctor's name/number and evidence that the meds are legitimately prescribed to you.

01-08-15, 05:57 PM
Thank you for the ideas! I have a buzzer on my phone that reminds me at break and lunch during college and then morning with my alarm and straight after college. That's a great idea of labelling it, I will do that. I actually already have a little tin that was bought for me for Christmas for this use. I have been cutting the pack in to squares so they fit in to the tin in case I was correct in thinking they lose any potency.

It is kind of to hide the fact I'm taking medication. It's not im embarressed of taking medication or ADHD. More of the anxiety of what to say if I am asked about it or what I'm taking.

I will also take the advice of keeping something soft in the tin. Also a great tip. I don't think there will be any extreme temperatures here in England any time soon, hah.

Yes, I always carry the prescription information handy. Well, I just leave it in my bag and forget about it. You never know.

I really appreciate your advice, thank you.