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01-09-15, 05:33 AM
When I took strattera for two years, the long term effects plunged me into depression. The medicine made me somewhat a workaholic which was great at the time when I was doing my A Levels, it always had me on the go working, providing I was in the environment for doing work i.e. school etc. It stopped me getting distracted, and kept my thoughts organised and coherent. It didn't focus me very well though and it made me extremely tired regardless if I took it AM or PM.

I now take Dexamphetamine IR and Cymbalta. Cymbalta for anxiety/depression and Dex for ADHD. The dex works very well it focuses me so well.

The only problem is is that Im missing the organisation effects of the Strattera and workaholic effects too.


Does anyone know of a way I could simulate these effects I am missing from the strattera?

I cant take the strattera anymore so was wondering if I could take a supplment or somthing to simulate these missing effects which I really miss sometimes!


01-16-15, 10:30 AM
Hey there!
If the dex is making you focus well, it should also be helping your motivation and ability to do things efficiently. But since this is not happening, I would maybe reconsider your Cymbalta. I wouldn't be using medications to supplement your drive to be a workaholic. Your ability to be an efficient worker would come from your general state of mind and happiness. You need to have the passion to work efficiently. The dex is making you focus well so there shouldn't be a problem.
So a question is your Cymbalta working well, are you feeling the best you can on that?
One alternative may be an SSRI instead of an SNRI, like Fluoxetine or Escitalopram.
One problem may also be a lack of energy and mental energy. I would perhaps recommend eating particular vegetables and fruits (like blueberries, bananas, leafy green vegetables) or supplementing with a multi-vitamin that has Vitamin B. Adding these things to your diet everyday will always improve mental health.

Just some thoughts and ideas to share! :)