View Full Version : Concerta and Insurance

01-09-15, 07:49 AM
In a move that is likely motivated by cost more than anything my insurance company last year limited the 'permissible mg dose per day'. This occurred when my provider was new to me and unwilling to do a pre auth. It also led to her questioning the dose I was on despite having been on a stable and effective dose for 5 years. So after a year of her decreasing my dose, she declined to continue as my provider in Nov.

I don't if my feeling is universal but after a month with no meds I feel that anyone with this condition need only take an extended med holiday to realize how helpful medication can be as one component of the treatment plan. Just one month of being unmedicated (because I haven't found another provider) has led to a failing grade in my grad course and has definitely affected work performance-I am working to complete missing papers for my class and praying I can keep my job and that I will find a provider soon.