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04-17-05, 05:55 AM
The first annual CADDRA (Canadian Attention Deficit Disorder Research Alliance) ADHD conference, ADHD: Across the Lifespan will be held in Vancouver BC June 19 - 20, 2005. Here's the website URL

Their target audience is Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, Family Physicians, Psychologists, & Educators.

While the conference is geared towards medical professionals, it is also open to the public at very good rates (see their website for details).

The have topics on children, teens and adults with ADHD.

Highlighted Speakers and Topics

“ADHD Families: the Genetics of ADHD” by Dr. James Kennedy, the world's foremost expert in the genetics of ADHD

“Tough ADHD Cases and How We Treat Them” by Dr. James Swanson, co-author of the SNAP, the most widely used diagnostic tool in ADHD

“The 10 Minute Office Behavioral Plan in Adolescents with ADHD” by Tom Phalen, best selling author of 1-2-3 Magic

“New Research in How We Learn” by Dr. Rosemary Tannock, one of the world's leading researchers in reading disorders and brain functioning

“Adolesent ADHD and Addictions: Treatment Strategies” by Dr. Tim Wilens, from the Harvard ADHD Research Team

Here are some of the topics relating to adults with ADHD.

Medical Treatments for Adult ADHD

The Facts on Novel Treatments: Diet, Neurofeedback Advanced

ADHD Families: The Genetics of ADHD

Personality Disorders Treatment in ADHD Adults

CADDRA Consensus Guidelines for Adults