View Full Version : Anyone who takes Theanine?

01-10-15, 11:07 AM
I bought theanine from jarrow. 100mg caps.
I took 1 yesterday, felt nothing. Few hours later took 10mg ritalin and then I had high blood pressure. Could the theanine cause this?

This morning I took 300mg theanine. Didn't feel calmer at all! I felt weird and drowsy.

I think this stuff doesn't work for me.

01-16-15, 08:18 AM
Yo noradd, thanks for the post.

Did you take them on an empty stomach?

You could try that, the effect will be purer.

If you still feel weird and drowsy, it's just not the right stuff for you.
Try 200mg since 100 didn't do it and 300 seems too much, or doesn't give you nice effects.

Theanine is supposed to make you more calm and relaxed. However every human as his own slightly different biochemistry (and yet we all still live amazing!! ^_^) and different stuff can have slightly different effects.

Good luck, keep us informed! C ya!

01-16-15, 09:56 AM
Overrated supplement like most of them.
Had big claims but they really don't calm you the way you want.
Might calm you by 5% compared to 25% that a beer would give you.
Thats how I'd compare it.

Musical Dreamer
01-16-15, 11:22 AM
I've found theanine works best when you are already stressed. It has very little effect on a natural state. I've taken it with chamomile and vitamin D (the neuro bliss drink blend) and have noticed a big difference when I'm feeling anxious.

01-16-15, 04:49 PM
I took 200mg of Theanine for a few months with the recommendation of drinking Black or Green tea with it.
I didn't notice any positives or negatives.

01-19-15, 01:39 AM
Drink a little of NeroDaily to destress

02-04-15, 12:32 AM
This article may be of some relevance. It's worth reading in regards to any supplement. Know your brand.

02-04-15, 03:10 PM

Black tea and green tea have caffeine in them, so I don't think you should take them with stimulant medication. Especially if you have issues with high blood pressure and/or rapid pulse.

06-14-15, 05:44 PM
For myself I have noticed that theanine works best in social enviroments for me. I can better control my actions, and in general have better social skills. Noradd do u use it for a specific something? The weird blood pressure is a strange thing:confused: as already said it is supposed to calm u. If you are confused what it should do for u here is a source that explains what theanine should mean for someone with adhd. As most information of theanine is just for people without adhd.ADHD and theanine (

03-21-16, 04:33 PM
I take 200mgs of theanine twice daily with Charlotte's web hemp extract and the next day I always have a warming sensation and feeling of euphoria in my brain/head anyone have these feelings?