View Full Version : european generics and suppliers?

01-12-15, 01:58 AM
Hi everyone, sorry if its a little rude to start asking questions without interacting with other members first, i just feel like i should ask this first :o

Does anyone know a legitimate website where i can submit my prescription and documents and obtain the cheaper generics in europe? I have to get the meds shipped to me either way because where i live pharmacies dont have meds that are rarely prescribed and you have to import your own from foreign suppliers. So far all the options look pretty expensive but thats probably because theyre for ritalin and concerta. My family cant really afford to spend over 100 euros on my meds every month :( im trying to find legal international pharmacies that sell generics but i keep running into sketchy websites and its really annoying.

01-20-15, 05:31 AM
I know in the US certain states will allow C-II meds to be mailed but I'm not sure if that included international prescriptions. Some people have had good luck with Canadian pharmacies.

01-20-15, 03:32 PM
Concerta and Ritalin are not that expensive. I pay 40 euros for a bottle of Concerta 18 mg (30 pills). The higher dosage (27 mg) is about 50 euros. Ritalin is, from what I heard, even less expensive. There is no way any website is ever going to sell stimulant medication, since they are under strict control. Please don't buy anything for ADHD from the Internet- it's guaranteed to be a disappointment and you could risk taking something very dangerous!

01-20-15, 05:42 PM
I have not heard of or found a website that fills prescriptions for methylphenidate online as it is a controlled substances over here in the UK. I highly doubt you will find a legitimate website either. Watch out for scam websites too, there are many out there offering ADHD stimulant medication.

Maybe talk with your psychologist or doctor, you may be able to get some of it paid for by your healthcare system or a pay monthly deal for all prescription medication. I know we have that over here. I'm not sure about other European countries however.

06-04-15, 09:50 AM
There are on-line pharmacies that fill prescriptions for ADD meds but most of them have the likes of Strattera which for the most part just don't work half as efficiently as stimulants do. My psych even suggested that I try an on-line pharmacy to look for Dexedrine etc. to see if I would respond better, but the only way was to individually import it with prices and formalities that make it more than a bother.

I'm curious where you live, since I pay around 30 euros for a 40 mg Ritalin monthly prescription, which isn't all that bad for the EU considering health insurance doesn't cover adult treatment in Poland.