View Full Version : Anyone do worse on Alza?

01-12-15, 01:18 PM
My daughter (8) has been on generic concerta since February 2014. She started at 27mg for 2 months and then moved up to 36mg in April. It's been amazing for her. She was on different generics, but in the past 4-6months, it's been the Mallinckdroft (sp?)generic with no issues. Over winter break, she was so calm, organized, a pleasure to be around. First day back at school was Tuesday, which was the first dose of her refill containing the Alza pills. It was like a light switch...anger, aggression, defiant, NOT my child.

Could the difference be that she was actually getting the dose she was prescribed, instead of the "subpar" release mechanism of the Mallinckdroft? Per her p-doc, I took her off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She was all over the place with her adhd. Said she felt less angry, but not herself. She couldn't regulate her feelings. She watched a movie, and at a part where the main character got angry, dd got angry. She cried that she didn't know who she is anymore. She wants her old self back.

The good news is I know Concerta helps her greatly. Today I've kept her home and put her on her old Alza 27mg. She's much better. Says she feels her bra8n more organized. She can play with something with concentration, instead of for 3 mins. Her dic may be mad, but i can't leave her home for 1-2 weeks while she is off stimulants.

Why do you think the alza 36 was so hard on her? I'm trying to figure out our next step while I wait for the p-doc to call me. I had the HARDEST time explaining my theory on what happened.

01-15-15, 03:50 PM
Our bodies get used to anything so it doesn't know that she was taking the subpar generic but when she took the good generic with alza on it that uses the amazing OROS medication-release system, she was getting the med differently so her body reacted to it.

Look at the sticky on this thread "FDA: some generic Concerta may *not* be equivalent." for info that may help you.