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01-12-15, 03:16 PM
Oh yeah... university has given me permission to finish my studies in 6 months! :yes: For many years it was unsure whether or not I would be allowed to finish, since I was already studying for so long and a part of my courses had already expired. Now I know that they will renew those courses! Also I quit working on my internship report and now I will follow half a year of courses, for which they have also granted me permission!

So, it seems like I will get a degree, and I will get it on time! It was very scary that my studies was not in my own hands, that I depended on the university to give me another chance. Luckily that's over, now it's all up to me!

It feels so good! If I look to how my studies went last week and this week I am sure it will be fine, I really can do this now! I am much less extreme in my expectations of myself (I used to set way too many goals, which all were way to large) and I can handle stress/small frustrations much better (in the past I would be very harsh for myself, which frequently got me depressed)). I like the gentle middle way; being kind for myself, motivating myself to work hard (instead of forcing myself), but also taking plenty of time to relax and have fun as well and focussing on a day at a time... this approach feels right to me! I'm not interested in perfection anymore, I love just doing things... I trust things will be alright!

This is not just important for my studies, but also an important moment for myself (so I place it in general discussions)... for all those years I connected my entire self with my studies; my self esteem (which was low), my expectations for the future (bad as well), my love life (I didn't allow myself to start one because I forced myself to focus on my studies). I had a lot of stress, shame, guilt and fear. But now, I feel this is the moment I am allowed to say to myself: it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me! I don't identify with that old self anymore... or feel ashamed of him, I feel like another person and I actually feel sympathy for him for struggling so much. I will go swimming tonight with a really pretty and nice girl, so that love life may start... I hope I can soon convince myself that it's ok! :)

I now let go of all the failure in the past. The past is the past. I care for what is happening now... if I have some success I will celebrate it, not say that it's a only a small drop of success in an ocean of failure! No, I will use all success to boost my self confidence and to learn about my qualities. If things go wrong I won't panick, but I will stay calm, analyze what happened so I can learn from it and be proud that at least I tried.

I feel so ****ing good! :D

01-12-15, 04:40 PM

It's beautiful to hear this great news about your studies. Congratulations!

I think you have an amazing attitude and I am always impressed and inspired when I read your posts. Even when things have been going poorly for you, you never give up and always work hard to find effective solutions. Your approach to life is one that provides great rewards. I admire so much your clear thinking and perseverance. I hope you'll let us know how it goes over the next six months.

all good wishes to you--

01-14-15, 07:16 PM

That's great, and verytired has expressed very much the same sentiment i feel


01-16-15, 07:34 PM
Congratulations Jasper! That's excellent news.