View Full Version : Fluoxetine making everything worse?

01-13-15, 04:33 PM
For a few months I thought that I may have ADHD, then after a lot of sessions with my psychologist I was diagnosed with Mixed Depression and Anxiety Disorder(which I had my doubts, but who I am to say that my psychologist is wrong)
Then one day I had my first panic attack and I developed Panic Syndrome with Agoraphobia, then after that I made an appointment with a psychiatrist, since then I'm on Fluoxetine.
After two weeks of treatment I started feel pretty good, with absolutely no anxiety, then I started to feel the medication on my depression, my motivation got back to normal(but I still procrastinating a lot).
One week later, I went to a place which triggered my panic, then I started to feel awkward after that.
And now i'm feeling much more emotionally impulsive than before, and my hypersensitivity to negative criticism increased a lot, mood swings(it happens multiple times a day) got more intense, my attention still bad, and I still hyperactive. On this Friday, my psychiatrist will investigate better what is going on.

Any thoughts?
It's my depression getting worse? It's a possible side effect of fluoxetine?
I'm on 20mg taking one pill per day.

Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian.