View Full Version : Approval from insurance?

01-13-15, 11:08 PM
Has anyone had to wait a long time to get approval from insurance for Strattera? I was on Adderall a few years ago, which I know is tightly controlled (at least in the U.S.), but I never had any problem filling that prescription. Now I've been prescribed Strattera, since Adderall mostly just made me tense, and can't seem to get it filled. Since, from what I understand, Strattera isn't a stimulant, I wouldn't think there would be the same stigma or problems with getting this prescription.

The pharmacy said it needed to be approved by my insurance & they had no idea how long it would take. Good thing I called my insurance company, because it probably would have taken a lot longer since the pharmacy didn't bother to tell me that I should have my doctor call the insurance company. All this started right before New Years, but no word since.

Could it just be my insurance company? I'm planning to call them again tomorrow. (I haven't really been totally on top of this as I was on vacation last week.)

02-11-15, 12:14 PM
They probably need to have a form filled out by your doctor due to the cost of the medication. Make sure that the pharmacy has sent the form to your doctor's office, and follow up with your doc.