View Full Version : undiagnosed ADD or something else?

01-14-15, 06:01 AM
I feel that I ADD may be my reason for not doing well in school. Throughout elementary school I was a good student. I was even eligible to take a test for GATE (Gifted and talented students), which I didn't pass. Anways, 7th grade came around and I started not doing well. Fast forward to highschool and I had straight F's. I didn't talk a lot in class though, was always pretty quite. When I went home I just wouldn't so my homework at all, and my room was always a disaster I'm talking clothes everywhere. I got sent to a continuation school where I did well academically. The class sizes were small, 7 to 10 students, and we had no homework. Classwork was super simple. The dean would always ask why I go to continuation school.
Anyways, now I'm in community college and no matter how much I know I need to do well
I procrastinate on homework, and then end up deciding its not that important. It seems impossible to apply myself no matter how much I tell myself. And I'm scared college will be a repeat of highschool.Am I just lazy and I need to reach down deeper to find motivation? Or am I going undiagnosed?
I know I don't say symptoms but its hard to say from my point of view, all I know is I'm struggling to keep up already and im getting sad.
Is this worth talking to a College counselor with?

01-14-15, 06:59 AM
Yes, it's definitely worth speaking to a college counselor, or, if you have health insurance, with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

We can't say whether or not you have ADHD, but underachievement relative to intelligence is common among people with ADHD. School failure is certainly common, as is disorganization.

It's possible that you have ADHD (or a learning disability or other obstacle to school success) and that treatment and/or accommodations would make your school experience much more manageable and satisfying. It's also possible that you might find more success and fulfillment doing something else for a while -- say, learning a trade hands-on. (And they're not mutually exclusive -- maybe you have ADHD and would benefit from some time off from school.) Or maybe you'll stumble upon a subject you're passionate about and your direction will become clearer.

In any case, from what you've said, it sounds like you're drifting a bit in terms of figuring out why you're in school, and have some very reasonable concerns about succeeding in college. Those are both good reasons to talk to a college counselor, and you could certainly ask about getting evaluated for ADHD and/or other issues while you're at it.

Good luck!